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  • dgrouchdgrouchMarch 21, 2018 | Southern CA | tripadvisor.com

    Don't know how we have managed to miss this place but certainly glad we found it. It's the real deal, not some designers vision of a 50's diner. Yes it is a little tired looking, just like my grandma's house was. That's probably why it feels so inviting & comfortable. We were there for breakfast & both had the pancakes. Now I know pancakes can be very controversial but we happen to like thinner pancakes with some body to them and these were delicious. The bacon was good quality and still a little greasy, just the way we like it. It is 50's food! Service was prompt & attentive as busy as they were. Servers were friendly. Not a long wait for our food and it was hot when it arrived. Not warm from a heating lamp but hot. Will be back to try the burgers & fries for lunch, a malt and more.


  • billcobillcoFebruary 16, 2011 | yp.com

    Just had breakfast at Keedy's. A bit noisy, but a great, old-school breakfast spot. We have only had breakfast there but from the look and feel of the place, I bet the burgers would be great.